In a remote region of Altai Mountains in the year 1997 has been founded a Public library. In 2003 it became a member of the Russian Library Association and International Library Association (IFLA). The real need of this library is proven by the very dynamic growth of its users' number - from 40 in 1997 to 1140 in 2003 in this 25 village. Only in 2003 here came 219 new readers. Most of them are children and most of the rest are teachers. The library tends to fill up the luck of educational literature in the schools of this district center village.

Book fund of the library grew up from 3000 to 40 000 and keeps growing approx. by 5000-6000 a year thanks to the help of the Russian State Library, Ushinsky State Pedagogical Library, State Public Library of Science and Technics, Russian State Library of the Foreign Literature and other major libraries of Russia. Some publishing houses and private sponsors are providing valuable support. In 1997 the library has won a grant from the Open Society Institute.

Value of any library depends first of all on its book funds, and all efforts are made by the director of this library to extend it, but existing storage space is long since lacking. Three years ago has been started building up a new book depository, and the foundation is now ready. But the further construction works are being delayed because financing which was provided by private sponsors now is ceased.

You're asked to kindly support us as far as possible to proceed with the building works. Building materials, work and equipment are estimated in full at approx. $25 000, but $10000 would be enough to complete the ground floor and thus to relieve the sharpness of the problem of book keeping (look the scheme).
Now thousands of books are kept in boxes and are unavailable to readers.

If you help, you'll get as a reward the existence itself of a good library in Altai Mountains and gratitude of its little readers.
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